Here you will find bronze sculptures, each a work of art that celebrates the diversity of human creativity. Each sculpture tells its own story, and depending on the artist and perspective, you can discover different emotions and messages. From abstract shapes to realistic depictions, our collection reflects the diversity of sculpture.



In this painting department you will experience contemporary works of art by various artists. Each painting is unique and conveys a unique form of expression. Our collection includes different styles and techniques, from abstract art to realistic depiction. Experience the variety of colors, shapes and emotions captured in these works.


Drawings, lithographs and more

Our collection spans a wide variety of art forms, including unique hand drawings, etchings, watercolors and more. You will also find signed and numbered lithographs.

Our treasures are carefully preserved and mostly unframed to preserve their original splendor and artistic essence. Although most of these works are not on display in the gallery itself, they are still an important part of our art offering and are available to collectors and art lovers.