The gallery


Located in the heart of Zurich's old town, our gallery is a testament to decades of passion for contemporary art. Three galleries lined up on Oberdorfstrasse and Rössligasse house an amazing collection of over 2000 works of art. From bronze sculptures that bridge the gap between surrealism and realism, to canvases of abstract and figurative expression, each work is a chapter in our journey of celebrating artistic diversity.

The gallery owner

Alexander E. Räber

curriculum vitae and events

1958 First Scream, January 2nd, Muri/AG
1960 First shoes
1965 First day of school
1970 First test
1971 First love
1977 First professional qualification
1978 First trip to South Africa
1979 First son
1980 First car
1981 First disappointment
1984 First store
1989 First glasses
1991 First Gallery
1992 First gray hair
1995 First art bar
1998 First operation
2000 First Millennium
2002 First thoughts of old age
2004 First golf lessons (mini golf)
2006 First trip to China
2008 First half century
2009 First grandchildren
2011 First 20th anniversary of the gallery
2012 First hay fever
2013 First gallery exhibition in Moscow
2015 First kilo over 90 kilos
2016 First bitcoin
2018 First 60th birthday
2020 First corona infection
2021 First 30th gallery anniversary

Spatial division of the gallery

The Alexander E. Räber Gallery extends across three adjacent rooms, each of which is divided into individual exhibition areas. Each of these spaces tells a unique story inspired by the corresponding artists, art forms and emotions.

  • Gallery reception - Oberdorfstrasse 21/23

  • Gallery - Rössligasse 8

  • Gallery - Rössligasse 5