Armin Strittmatter

Strittmatter's expressive works always fascinate with their very own, unmistakable symbiosis of powerful colors, clear shapes and surprising, imaginative playfulness. They are defined by their flow, rhythm, even their hidden narratives, which allow individual interpretations for each viewer.
For Armin Strittmatter, his colors are not just individual players in a holistic harmony, but also have their individual meaning: for him, blue symbolizes infinity. The sky and the ocean appear blue and infinite to the viewer. And the horizon where the two meet seems unattainable. For the passionate artist, red means strength, yellow stands for warmth and energy. The artist lives and works in Gibstorf, Switzerland.

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Armin Strittmatter was born in Lauchringen in the Black Forest in 1959 and grew up in an environment that was permeated by his father's artistic influence. After his commercial training, which he completed in 1980, he gained broad professional experience.

While working in retail, logistics and as a product manager, Strittmatter further developed his artistic skills and began to make a name for himself as a self-taught artist in the art world.

His first major exhibition in Bremgarten in 1993 marked the beginning of his career as a professional artist. In the following years he successfully presented his works at national and international exhibitions.

2000 - Today
The awarding of the Diplôme de Médaille d'Argent de l'Académie Française in 2000 recognized Strittmatter's artistic achievements and underlined his maturity as an artist.

Strittmatter continued his work, characterized by a tireless search for expression through color and form. His works, characterized by a balance between intimacy and monumental expressiveness, continue to be exhibited and appreciated internationally.

Armin Strittmatter now lives and works in Gibstorf, Switzerland.