SPAIN, 1933 - 2006

Miguel Berrocal

His works are represented in well-known museums and private collections worldwide. Miguel Berrocal can only be properly understood through the knowledge of his Spanish origin. His life, thinking and work is deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of his homeland. He proudly and consciously carried the artistic heritage of Spain within himself. So it is no coincidence that Berrocal has become addicted to the material iron, because the Spanish art of blacksmithing has a long-standing and widespread tradition since the Middle Ages. While Berrocal's early sculptures were abstract, later he created anthropomorphic forms. From this turn to the human body, his personal and most unique artificial figure developed, the torso. This reduced form of the human body runs through all of Berrocal's pictorial work, often altered, simplified or enriched, falsified and modified.

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curriculum vitae and events

1933 Born in Villanueva de Algaidas near Málaga, Spain
In 1952 he completed his studies in mathematics, architecture and chemistry in Madrid. Guest student at the Escuela de Artes Graficas
1952 First exhibition of pictures in Madrid
1953 and continued solo and group exhibitions around the world; stays in Paris and Rome; makes the acquaintance of Giacometti, Afro, Burri and Picasso
1954 Participates in the Venice Biennale on behalf of Spain
2006 Died in Antequera, Spain