BUILD 1960, Ukraine

Igor Grechanyk

The artist lives and works in Kiev. He is a member of the "National Artists Union of Ukraine" and the "Society for Art of Imagination" under the Honorary President Prof. Ernst Fuchs. He is also one of the central personalities of the creative association «The Golden Gate», which was founded in Kiev in 1997. In his work, Igor Grechanyk combines fantastic mystical worlds with symbolist traditions. Thanks to his perfect technique, he creates objects in the field of tension between feminine grace and pure power, energy and dynamism.

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curriculum vitae and events

1960s - 1978
Igor Grechanyk was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and grew up in an artistic family. He developed a passion for art and drawing at an early age, which led him to the Republican Art School in Kyiv, from which he graduated in 1978.

1978 - 1984
After graduating from art school, Grechanyk continued his education at the Kyiv State Art Institute. He graduated in 1984 with a master's degree in sculpture.

1984 - 1990
During these years, Grechanyk made a name for himself in the art world. His style, which draws inspiration from esoteric teachings and ancient mythology, began to attract international attention.

1990 - 1997
Grechanyk consolidated his position in the international art scene. His works have been presented in numerous exhibitions worldwide and received great recognition.

This year, Grechanyk founded the creative association "The Golden Gate" in Kyiv, further confirming his leadership in the art world.

1998 - 2010
His career reached new heights with a growing international presence. Grechanyk became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the Society for Art of Imagination in London.

2010 - 2020
During this period, Grechanyk expanded his artistic repertoire by creating 2D digital artworks, often based on his sculptures. He remained a sought-after artist at international art events.

2020 - 2021
Grechanyk has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the "Artist of the Future" Award from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and the London Art Biennale Award.

2021 - Today
Igor Grechanyk currently lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. His works are represented in private and public collections worldwide and he is considered one of the leading figures in contemporary imaginary art.