Rolf Ziegler

Rolf Ziegler focuses on humans. Though they hardly ever emerge directly in his work, but instead in different transformations: More aura than apparition. Emphasis in his work: Pictures, sculptures, objects and art on buildings. With abstraction the artist found to himself as well as to his unmistakable style. Typical for his work are pieces that look like collage or even like assemblages, though achieved by pictorial means. With such refined Trompe l’oeil effects the autodidact Rolf Ziegler demonstrates his sovereign control of the artisanry. But there is even more to it. These effects are also a request for exact and patient looking, which does not settle for the first glimpse.

Year Event
1955 Born in Belp nearby Berne, Switzerland
1972 – 1975 Commercial training; as an artist autodidact
1983 und weiterhin Works as a freelance artist
1984 und weiterhin Various single and group exhibitions in Zug, Basel, Zurich, St. Gallen, Berne, Ascona, Frankfurt a. M., Ulm, New York/td>
2010 Rolf Ziegler dies in Febuary of 2010