Karl H. Dennig

The artist lives and works in Berlin.

Karl Dennig’s colour palette is always elegant and aesthetic, whether pastel, ethereal and transparent in yellows or rosés, heavy and melancholic in the deep blue tones or vital and optimistic in his bright red. His pictures are compact fabrics, overlays of galaxies or sgraffiti of loosely or precisely silhouetted plant forms, leaves, shells, from quadrupeds, feathers, fish, birds, petrifying and – more rarely – from somnambulistic human shapes: symbolic abbreviations of his strong world of experience. Dennig is an outstanding illustrator – complex, encapsulated, introverted in his rhythmic „developments“, which fortify the impressive apparently playful ease of his pictures. Dennig, the multi-talent, sketches furniture, like tables or throne like armchairs forged from iron as well as wool and silk carpets.

Year Event
1939 Born in Wilferdingen near Stuttgart, Germany
1953 Apprenticeship as a steel engraver
1957 Studies at the Werkschule in Pforzheim
1960 Studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Hamburg
1962 Guest lecturer at the Werkschule in Kassel
1963 – 1964 Stays in London and Rome
1960 and ongoing Exhibitions in Hamburg, Pforzheim, Berlin, London and Zurich; stays in the USA and in Japan