Gernot Kissel

Gernot Kissel painted from the age of eighteen. Various exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England.
Kissel particularly avows himself to the primate of absolute painting, to the dominance of the colour, to the solid outlining line and to a most sensuous colour order, if he works his thumb into the material and even his always brisk brush flow or the spatula seem to be to reserved, when he is transferring a pair of lips from the study at the model into the picture.
A further characteristic of his work is a preference to the intensity of complementary contrasts of bordering surfaces with equivalent colour. A bright red, which Kissel often selects as a basic tone he puts on like a drapery, which underlines the incarnadine of the skin full of relish. Gernot Kissel combines a purely pictorial article and ambience treatment with the form reduction of the classical modern.

Year Event
1939 Born in Worms/Rhine (D)
1958 – 1963 Studies architecture; followed by living as a free architect and engineer
2008 Dies in Germany