Italy, born 1957

Pasquale Gigliotti

The artist lives and works in Neuhausen. Pasquale Gigliotti lets his own style paint from the heart without wanting to offend anyone. The personality, shaped by life, has developed an easily recognizable, independent style, which - viewed holistically and in detail - always leads to unique pictures. His preference for the "femme fatale" is expressed here, as is his search for metaphorically rich images from the animal world, which reflect the economic and political turmoil of our time.

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curriculum vitae and events

Born in 1957 in Sambiase, Italy
1973 Commercial training to become a tax and finance specialist
1975 and ongoing Self-taught training in drawing and painting
1975 – 2005 Gigliotti deals intensively with environmental and socially critical problems. More than 140 pictures are created with the spatula, sand and glaze technique
2005 decision to withdraw from the previous professional environment and to devote himself entirely to painting
2006 turning to nude painting

Exhibited works of art