Armin Strittmatter

Strittmatters expressive works fascinate again and again with their completely own, distinctive symbiosis of strong colours, clear forms and surprising, imaginative playfulness. They define themselves over their flow, rhythm and even over their hidden narrations, which permit each viewer individual interpretations.

For Armin Strittmatter his colours aren’t simply single players in a holistic harmony, but have their individual meaning: Blue symbolizes infinity for him. The sky and the ocean seem blue and infinite for the beholder. And the horizon, on which both meet one another, seems unreachable. Red on the other hand symbolizes strength for the passionate artist, yellow stands for warmth and energy.

The artist lives and works in Gebenstorf, Switzerland.

Jahr Anlass
1959 Born in Lauchringen, Black Forest
1975 – 1980 Commercial training
1981 – 2000 Various occupations in the retail business, logistics and as product manager
1993  First larger exhibition in Bremgarten
1993 und weiterhin Various national and international exhibitions, among others in Rome, Barcelona, New York and Paris
2000 Diplôme de Médaille d’Argent de l’Académie Française