Paul Wunderlich

1927 Born in Eberswalde, Germany.
1946 Art school at the Eutiner Schloss.
1947 Student at the Landeskunstschule Hamburg, attending the class “free graphics” of Willi Tietze.
1951-1960 Lectureship at the Hochschule für Bildene Kunst Hamburg.
1961-1963 Stay in Paris, where he works in the workshop of the printer Desjobert.
1963 Returns to Hamburg; professorship for free graphics and painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Hamburg.
Since 1970 Stays in New York, Paris, Belgium and Switzerland; Exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Milan, Rome and Oslo.
1988 Works on large sized lithographies with Ernst Hanke in Switzerland.
1992 Touring exhibition „Plädoyer für die Vernunft“ in museums in Belgium, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe.
1995 Retrospective exhibitions in museums in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido.
Since 1996 Exhibitions in London, Barcelona and further European cities.
2007 Opening of the Paul Wunderlich House in his hometown Eberswalde.

Paul Wunderlich dies in June 2010.

The fact that the artist Paul Wunderlich may rank among the greatest surrealists of the world becomes apparent by looking at his work. Personal topics, above all the erotism – which is incorporated in a subtle way in the sculptures -, as well as political and sensational motives make his work unique. The influence of Greek mythology supports the unmistakable physiognomy of his protagonists.
Paul Wunderlich meets the demand of the market in making art accessible to the broad public. The production of multiple sculptures and lithographies makes it possible that his internationally respected, high-ranking Oeuvre is carried into the whole world.