Miguel Berrocal

1937 Born in Madrid, Spain.
1958 Lives in exile in Paris. There he makes friends with the members of the young art scene as well as with the old master Joan Miró. After Franco’s death he is honoured officially with a large retrospective in Madrid.
Since 1961 Single exhibitions in Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Arnheim, Rome, Caracas, Milan, Venice, Padua, Turin, Parma, Frankfurt, Geneva, Valencia, Munich, New York, Hamburg and Zurich.
1983 Arroyo receives the great national price for painting in Spain.
Since 1985 Lives in Madrid again.

His works are represented in important museums and in private collections.

Miguel Berrocal is only to be understood correctly by the knowledge of his Spanish origin. His life, thinking and work are deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of his homeland. He carried the artistic inheritance of Spain proudly and consciously in himself. So it is also no coincidence that Berrocal was almost addicted to iron as a material, because the Spanish art of metalworking has a widespread and persisting tradition since the Middle Ages.

His early sculptures were abstract, then later in his life he developed pieces with anthropomorphic forms. From this turn to the human body his most personal and distinct art figure, the Torso, developed. This reduced shape of the human body is to be found throughout Berrocals pictorial work, often changed, simplified or enriches, falsified and amended.