Guan Qijun

1950 Born in Shanghai.
1984 Issued individual works for the first time in „The Exhibition of Modern Chinese Paintings“ Boston, USA.
1992 Admission to China Contemporary Artist Directory
1993 Exhibition in Yokohoma, Japan.
1995 Invitation to the exhibition in the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre and Dragon City Market, Canada.
1998 Lecturer in Chinese art and calligraphy at the University of Calgary, Canada.
1999 Beginning of various single exhibitions in Calgary, Canada.
2003 Exhibition Yibo Gallery in Shanghai, China.
2007 Invitation to the 2nd International Art & Antiques Fair, Hong Kong. Solo exhibition ChinArt gallery, Shanghai, China.

The artist lives and works in Shanghai, China. He is member of various institutions; among others he is the president of the „International Famous Artists Union“ in Canada.
Guan Qijun’s works bring classical characters of the Peking opera back to life and play with the concept of space and time, in order to create a new visual dimension. The artist connects the thousand-year old tradition of the Chinese painting and opera with a singular, new form of the representation, which opens a completely special entrance to his works for the recipient. The intensity of the colours and especially of the gold tones gives the pictures their enormous expressiveness.