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Stefania Orrù

Born in Jesi, Italy.
Study of humanities in Urbino, Verona and Perugia. During her study she discovers her passion for painting.
Co-operation with the well-known master Elvio Marchionni in Umbria. In this time she works in fresco and mural painting and by this she develops her own style.
Since 2001
Exhibitions in Italy and Switzerland.

The artist lives and works in Italy.

Stefania Orrùs work is characterized by a clear focus on the classical femaleness, as well as by her special technology, which has it’s origin in traditional mural painting. The artist paints on special canvases, which are mounted on wooden boards, which emphasizes their fresco-like character.
Orrùs origin is also reflected in her colours, which seems to have risen from the south and the Umbrian or the Tuscan landscape, with earth and terracotta tones.

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