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Sonja Schmid

1955Born in Zurich.
1986-todayHer work is influenced and inspired by different stays and study trips to Italy, Spain, Africa, Russia and Sri Lanka.
Since 1989 Autodidactic training in painting. Artistic training in various schools as well as with the artists Erwin Eggimann, Christian Herter, Mara Mueller, Werner Casty, Ferdinand Seiler, Peter Casagrand (Bad Reichenhall Akademie), Andrea Rozorea (Kunsthalle Wien).
2001-2003Art School Wetzikon.
Since 1994Various exhibitions at home and abroad.
Since 1999Permanent exhibition in the gallery Alexander E. Räber, Zürich.

The artist lives and works in the cantons of Thurgau and Zurich, Switzerland.

Opposites attract – to become a unity in the end nevertheless.
At first sight no opposites are recognizable in the pictures of Sonja Schmid. On the contrary: The pictures fascinate because of their holistic harmony. But the artist begins her paintings time and time again as an uncontrolled experiment, which allows a development free from structures, to join colours, forms and dimensions.

Although the newest works of Sonja Schmid show visible changes, like the obviously continued development of colour mixture, the artist keeps faithfully to big canvases. Besides her constant longing for size and vastness, her colour choice gives a completely new feeling to her current works. Hereby her intention to leave a trace in the soul of each viewer is certainly fulfilled.

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