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Eduardo Arroyo

1937Born in Madrid, Spain.
1958Lives in exile in Paris. There he makes friends with the members of the young art scene as well as with the old master Joan Miró. After Franco’s death he is honoured officially with a large retrospective in Madrid.
Since 1961
Single exhibitions in Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Arnheim, Rome, Caracas, Milan, Venice, Padua, Turin, Parma, Frankfurt, Geneva, Valencia, Munich, New York, Hamburg and Zurich.
1983Arroyo receives the great national price for painting in Spain.
Since 1985
Lives in Madrid again.

Eduardo Arroyo is considered today as the most important representative of the political realism. In terms of style his usually ironical, colourful works stand at the crossing between the currents „Nouvelle Figuration” respectively „Figuration narrative“ and „Pop Art“. Characteristic for his art are the general absence of spatial depth and the flattening of the perspective.
Arroyo also became known to a broad public by his numerous works as a stage designer as well as partly as a costume designer. In this regard he cooperates particularly with the producer Klaus Michael Grüber since 1969, who animated him to this activity. Arroyo arranged stages among others for the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, the Paris Opera or the Salzburger Festspiele.

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