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Alfredo Battistini

1953Born in Uznach (SG). Learns the occupation of the mason. He is very enthusiastic about sculpture and art.
1976Battistini wins the Swiss championship in cruiserweight boxing.
1976-1977Journey to Paris, where he becomes the assistant of the well-known photographer Lothar Schmid.
1978Returns to Switzerland, in order to pursue his artistic training with the sculptor Hans Jörg Limbach. Applies at the academy of arts in Paris and is accepted.
Fateful car accident, since then quadriplegic. With iron will he keeps up doing sports and art. He wins the world championship in bench press five times, the European championship twice as well as twenty-five Swiss champion titles and participates at the Olympic Games in Barcelona and Seoul.
Study trip to Chile, attendance of the college of arts and crafts in Santiago de Chile.
First large exhibition of his sculptures in Basel, of which many will follow
Creation of the bronze sculpture for the Stuttgart open for the tennis players Becker, Edberg, Muster and Corda.
Assignment by the city of Rapperswil to create a monument in honour of the 75-year anniversary of the Swiss national Circus Knie.
Alfredo Battistini dies May 17th 2008.
2009Great honour for Battistini: His sculpture „la creazione“, which he produced 1996 as a tribute to his idol Michelangelo, is unveiled in the Museo Michelangiolesco in Caprese Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s place of birth.

His work material is bronze, his study object is the human being. Alfredo Battistini’s bronze sculptures show human beings in there diversity: aesthetical, vulnerable, harmonious, torn, however always uncompromisingly honest. His concrete sculptures show enormous physical strength and expressiveness - however tell thereby the attentive viewer somewhat of the impairment and sensitivity of the artist. Mentally related to Auguste Rodin, Alfredo Battistini carries the stamp of his instructor Hans Jörg Limbach.

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